meranda round 2

buy-now-goldMiss Meranda is 25 years old, a complete paraplegic who lost the use of her legs just 2 years ago and wants the crown of Miss Chairem Mexico and be a Chairem Woman.

Join Merand outside where she transfers to a chair in the sun and enjoys sharing a candid look at her pretty legs and feet with you. Meranda rolls down each nylon and manipulates her legs to be able to reach her feet, pulling the nylons off her toes.

Then its a transfer back into her wheelchair where she must then dress her legs again in nylons and her feet in high heels. Then follow Meranda to the bar for a cool drink before returning to her room.

Once there, Meranda chooses comes new clothing and transfers to her bed, swinging both legs at the same time. On the bed she dedicates some time to fondle her delightful feet for you.

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Approx 21 minutes

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