crippled kathy

buy-now-goldKathy refers to herself as crippled in her emails to us so we feel its acceptable and that’s the name she chose for herself.
This sweet polio paraplegic has scoliosis that twists her body, paralyzed legs that aren’t strong enough to carry her weight even with braces and the pinkest soles on the bottom of those delightful floppy feet.

Kathy greets you on the sofa where she slide her twisted body and lifeless legs to an awaiting wheelchair. Once there, she shifts her weight from side to side to pull off her pants to share with you a delightful look at those wonderful legs before hoisting her legs back onto the sofa to anoint them with lotion. Then its time to go into the bright sunshine.

Kathy delicately lowers herself to the ground where she removes her socks and shoes and twists her legs allowing her to sit cross legged. You’ll delight watching her move on the ground in this position before she hauls her crippled body back into her wheelchair. What a wonderful first encounter with this ebony paraplegic princess.

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