para leg love

buy-now-goldMariam has no feeling in her legs or feet. She can not feel the touch of a lovers hand as they move her feet or touch the contours of her legs. But a needle pressed gently against her skin brings warm feelings that bring her pleasure.

Lay beside her as Mariam lifts her legs and flops them around and pleasures herself touching her legs and feet with the needle. Watch her pretty legs flop as she rolls a pair of nylons over her feet and up her pretty calfs. Help her lift herself into her wheelchair so she can pleasure you with a display of how she lifts her legs and struggles to put on shoes while she’s in her wheelchair. Look down and see her feet tangle on the top of the front wheel of her wheelchair and help her by lifting the foot to safety.

Mairam is ready to bring pleasure to herself and you…

approx 22 min

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