delightful para fun

buy-now-goldThere is something magical watching the fun enjoyed by 2 pretty young paraplegics. Lisa’s friend does whatever she can to help Lisa feel comfortable in front of the camera in her first Chairem Movie.

Lisa wakes in the morning and reaches over to wake up her paraplegic friend. Their sleep over is complete and they’re ready for a new day.

The bedroom is so small that the wheelchairs needed to be left in the living room and the girls need to lower themselves to the floor and pull themselves out to retrieve the chairs. Its a long way off the bed and the friend helps Lisa down to the floor before they begun their long distance to the living room.

Its too nice a day to remain inside so the two ladies go outside where they can play ball with each other. Sun, fresh air and exercise, there’s nothing better to enjoy today than a little delightful Paraplegic fun.

approx 22 minutes


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