paraplegic brace challenge

buy-now-goldLinda put her braces away long ago. She felt ugly and ashamed to be seen wearing braces in public. People would watch her as she struggled to drag her feet to each new step she made. She has since learned that not everyone who looked at her as she would drag her legs, seen her with pity, that in real, there were men who loved her slow struggling steps. Since her success with her first movie, she has been preparing to gain her strength back so that she could again walk in public, this time with confidence.

For the first time in 2 years, Linda allows people to see her as she puts on protective socks and wraps her legs in steel, plastic and leather. Stay and watch as she is helped to her feet before she lifts her walker, slowly, step by step and drags her legs into each new step. Look closely and see how her feet drag on the floor, you can see she needs practice to again be confident. Stay with her as she completes her walk in the gym and returns to her chair exhausted and tired from all the hard work, lifting her body, pulling her legs under her, step by step. Watch as she opens the straps and lifts her legs out of the braces and removes her stockings to show her pretty long legs and pretty small feet. There is so much more waiting for you inside this brace movie from Linda. approx 24 minutes


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