good morning princess

buy-now-goldLook, here you are, waiting for me while I wake. It’s nice to have you join me so early in my day. Let me throw back the covers and lift my legs out from under the sheets. Let me slide myself over the bed closer to you so I can hold my feet up to you for your inspection.

I love the morning, and today for fun I will roll over and over on the bed so you can see how my legs react, flopping and slapping the bed at their own will This makes me smile, I cant help myself.

Now come with me to the living room where my wheelchair waits for me. Stay close and watch me slide along the floor before returning to the bedroom to change. Close you’re eyes as I turn my back to undress.

Now come along with me to return to the living room where I’ll pick up each leg with love and put on my shoes for you. You’ve made me feel like a Princess and this has been a good morning.

approx 16 min

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