explore penny paralysis

buy-now-goldIts still less than a year since Penny was released from Rehab.
She is still learning to manipulate her legs by hand rather than them moving of their own will. Transfers are improving but she’s still challenged by obstacles and dressing or putting shoes on in her wheelchair is still a fight with her paralyzed legs.

We find her resting on the bed and she takes a moment for us to admire her useless feet and les so pretty and motionless. Then we’ll ask that she transfer to her wheelchair while we watch and then, for an added treat, we ask for Penny to manipulate her legs and feet while they remain on the bed. A treatment of lotion on those pretty feet would be a welcome site too.

Since leaving rehab Penny has mastered many challenges but we surprised her when we asked of her to transfer to the floor and find a way to drag herself to the stairs. She hadnt been schooled in pulling herself on the floor so quickly, Penny taught herself a way to drag her lifeless legs to the stairs.

Soon she’d have to learn another paraplegic skill and that is to pull herself up the stairs, one by one, carefully positioning each foot an leg on a stair before lifting her torso off the stair to the next. You can see the difficulty in her face and the frustration she feels knowing that not long ago, her legs walked up stairs without thought and yet today, she must explore her paralysis and her new reality.

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