divine’s finale

buy-now-goldWe hope you’ll enjoy Divine’s final movie with Chairem INTERNATIONAL as she leaves the production of movies for Admirers. As a special send off, we’ve included DIVINE PARKING LOT PARA PLAY for the next month, free of charge.
Divines Finally finds Divine in her car in the parking lot where she opens the door of her car and swings out her paralyzed legs. Divine’s sexy black nylons hide her pretty toes until she removes them and transfers to her wheelchair. At the back of the car, Divine puts on some sexy shoes before making her way up to the staircase. Once there, Divine pulls herself from her wheelchair and drags herself up the stairs in a tangle of paralyzed legs and flopping feet.
At the top of the stairs Divine turns and returns down each stair, lifting and adjusting each leg until she arrives at the bottom of the staircase. Nearly exhausted, Divine positions herself and lifts herself and her useless legs back into the wheelchair.
Total play time is nearly 40 minutes. Enjoy Divines farewell in this special double movie.

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