finding the real me

buy-now-goldDivine has been a paraplegic for 10 years and has never had a new wheelchair of her own. While you can see that her wheelchair is a sports model, look close and you’ll find its too large for her. With your help she can save to purchase a proper fitting wheelchair in the near future.

Divine has never been in front of a video camera before and is a little shy, but soon you’ll discover those pretty feet and para legs she has to offer.

Share some time with Divine and watch her dress on the bed, she’ll change shoes for you and come with her out to her car and watch how she transfers in and pulls apart her wheelchair and loads it in the car herself.

I hope you will enjoy meeting Divine and support her wheelchair efforts. She promises to bring friends to Chairem very soon. I hope you will help Divine to feel successful as a Chairem Woman so she will continue and help others join our Chairem family.

Divine apologizes for leaving the time meter on the video, she promises she’ll make sure its off in the future.

approx. 25 min


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