divine day at the beach

buy-now-goldDivine leaves her apartment to her car and transfers into her car before remembering she forgot something and must again transfer out. A quick trip back to the apartment then Divine returns to the car to transfer in, loosing a shoe along the way and loads her wheelchair for a trip to the beach.

It’s a great hot and sunny day when Divine arrives and transfers out of her car to her wheelchair and wheels herself across the hard packed sand to find her place in the sun.

A little lotion and a failed attempt with a feather to try to stimulate her pretty toes to move, Divine enjoys laying on a beach towl in the sand.

As the afternoon sun falls, Divine lifts herself back into her wheelchair and again pushes herself on two wheels across the sand.

Divine is learning to share her beautiful paraplegic legwork and foot fondling in fashion you’ll love to enjoy.

approx. 30 min
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