parking lot challenge

buy-now-goldDebbie arrives for filming and is ready for a challenge. She wants to do something a little different today so we promised her a challenge.

We’ll take moment and film Debbie as she gets out of her car and transfers to her wheelchair for us. Its lovely how she handles her legs like that and her feet, we can wait to have a look inside those shoes she’s wearing.

We’ll take her over to the stair case in the parking lot. A steep set of cold cement stairs that are presently abandoned and waiting for us to use.

Before you struggle up those stairs dear Debbie, would you take off your shoes for us please? Oh lovely, an maybe those nylons as well, we really want to have a nice close look at those paralyzed feet of yours we know you’ve painted so nicely.

Okay, up the stairs you go and when you get to the top, manipulate your legs before lifting your paralyzed legs and body back down to us. Oh yes, you’re quite attractive and wonderful to watch. Lets finish up with you struggling to get back in your wheelchair shall we… perfect.

25 minutes
559 Mb

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