debbie round 2

buy-now-goldMiss Chairem Mexico Contestant

Debbie has advanced to Round 2 of the Miss Chairem Mexico Contest.

Today we ask her to go outside to a private seating area to allow us to have a nice look at her pretty legs and feet that she keeps hidden in black nylons.

Debbie lowers herself to the lounge chair where she has an extremely difficult time when it nearly tips over on her.

Debbie adjusts her legs and applies lotion in the hot sun and allows us to give you a lovely close up of those pretty paraplegic toes and feet. Then its back into her wheelchair and we head over to the stairs.

Debbie must maneuver up and down the staircase for us, lifting her legs, positioning her bare feet with each lift up and down the stairs.

Then its back into her wheelchair, her legs and feet positioned and a wonderful smile to keep you till your next meeting.

425 MB
Approx 22 minutes

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