leg therapy and more

buy-now-goldEveryday, Angelina goes through strengthening and stretching therapy to maintain the condition of her legs as long as possible.

This isn’t staged for the camera, this is the real thing. You can see how moving a single leg into some positions increases tone and spasm in the other.

You wont see any model who perform a pretend range of motion series just for video be able to raise her legs over her shoulders in this fashion unless she’s doing this everyday.

Then its from the bedroom to the living room where She transfers to the floor to explore the apartment to retrieve her shoes and socks prior to returning to her wheelchair.

Then as evening approaches, its time to put on an evening dress and fishnet style nylons before transferring back into her wheelchair and out into the evening air.

This 32 minute introduction to Angelina is just a taste of what Angelina has planned for us.

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