stump tease

buy-now-goldMany things have changed for me since starting with Chairem.

When I was first disabled Delicia was to my aid. The support you showed me gave me the ability to start my new life. Now I am learning a playful side of me.

I’m playful with how I can flash my stump under my skirt, or put extra attention into hopping so that my skirt flies up to reveal my stump in a seductive way. I have gained a great deal of confidence from learning about your special interest in my lost leg.

Today I am thinking to myself, I have a boyfriend who loves watching me and I pretend the cameraman is that boyfriend and I do the many things that an amputee admirer would love to see. So as you watch me, know that I am really making this special for you.

Approx 24 minutes
531 Mb HI RES

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