short leg hops

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I’m glad you join me today. Come sit in my bedroom while I put on my prosthetic. What’s this? There is a problem with the shoe, I need to have it repaired so now what. I have no crutches here and without my lift, I cant walk.

Stay with me please in case I need you. I need to hop everywhere I need to go in the apartment. I’ll show you that I can walk on my short leg too, but you can see how difficult it is, how strange I look walking with such a short leg and my normal leg too. I wish you were here so that I could hold your arm when I hop.

If you could, would you want to hold my short leg, maybe run your hands over my foot as it hangs? It’s okay to share this with me because it makes me feel wonderful to know that my unique defect is also a unique quality.



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