short leg pleasures

buy-now-goldI’m waiting for you to crutch past me at the pool.

Find yourself a quiet spot away from the prying eyes of the public.

Slip out of your clothes and reveal your bathing suit and more so, your beautiful short leg.

Let me enjoy the pink of the sole of your hanging foot, the unique contours of the deformed leg and how you walk without crutches.

Lower yourself into the pool and swim for me. Stretch your legs and exercise your short leg in the water.

Then walk out of the pool, one long leg and a short leg making you walk so incredibly. Return to your crutches and lotion your legs and move your short leg in your hand before dressing in your short pants, white socks and shoes. Crutch your way again until the next time i can enjoy watching your short leg pleasures.

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approx 24 minutes

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