reina’s stump and foot paralysis

buy-now-goldWhen you think of BK Amputee’s usually you automatically think prosthetic or crutches or both. But what if that amputee’s remaining lower leg is partly paralyzed? What is she really left with for mobility options? She would be dependent on a wheelchair. Reina is such a unique person.

Reina lost most of her right leg in a tragic accident that nearly claimed her left foot as well. Close inspection of her left leg shows the scares left after doctors worked so hard to save the foot. Sadly a great deal of the nerve to the foot was destroyed making it impossible for Reina to walk using crutches like others. But it does give her unique qualities few amputees have, a little something special for those who are attracted to both amputee and paralysis.

Reina introduces you to her unique qualities in this 24 minute video where she performs a number of transfers, time out of her wheelchair on the floor as well and giving you a lovely close up of her unique remaining foot.

Reina had a personal goal that we hope to help her attain. She has been told that with a leg brace she may one day be able to walk with a prosthetic. Her goal is to fund the project from allowing you a look into her life.

She’s incredibly gentle, kind and thanks you in advance for your support.4

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