stump sprain

buy-now-goldBeautiful young Rechelle lays in bed. She pulls back the sheets to expose the soft contours of her sensual stumps. Soon she lifts them in the air, to exercise and stretch to prepare for the day. With stumps flying in the air, she rolls off the bed ready to walk on her stumps and falls the wrong way, straining her short stump. Rechelle must limp on her stump over to the closet to find a pair of short crutches. Now she must stump walk on crutches to prepare for the day. Into the shower, Rechelle hobbles to wash and love what remains of those legs. She dries off and crutches uneasily towards the bedroom when she falls. Rechelle drags herself to the bed to change and puts on long nylons that hang empty from her thighs. Finally, she crutches to the livingroom and crawls into he wheelchair. Lame and legless, Rechelle is provocative and exotic like no other.

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