pretty in purple

buy-now-goldI enter and find you lounging on the floor in a beautiful purple dress. Seeing your short leg and the pink of the sole of your foot lures me closer.

You stand and walk to the dresser to get your oil and return to me. Sitting down you smooth your legs and feet with oil before putting on nylons. You’re unique short leg , its thigh and short calf never leave my eye.

Put on some high heels for me and walk your unique fashion to your crutches and lets go outside. Let me watch you as your crutch down the stairs in into the garden. It seems some useless to wear a high heel on a foot that doesn’t touch the ground but it’s exciting to see how lovely they look on you.

Take a moment to slip off that shoe and crutch around for me with a bare foot on your hanging leg and a heel on the other. How this makes you short leg look even shorter yet. Now lets go inside where you can show me thinks that you would never let anyone see you do.

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