poetry in motion

buy-now-goldPauline has a wonderful smile and when she enters a room it fills with sunshine. In Poetry in Motion, Pauline walks with her prosthetic legs and crutches to the bedroom where she sits down, opens her pants and frees herself from her heavy prosthetic legs.

Once free she slips to the floor and stump walks to the living room where she crawls onto the sofa for a closer look at her stumps. She also has a surprise for you. She paints her fingernails and you’ll discover she was born with only three fingers on her pretty left hand.

Once the paint is dry its time stump walk back into the bedroom to change into her exercise clothes to do some stretching.

12 minutes of fast paced amputee fun with the warmest and most delightful double leg amputee you’ll ever meet.

One thought on “poetry in motion

  1. Patrick

    It may be short but every second is full of absolute quality, I can’t wait to buy the full length video.

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