double stump pleasures

buy-now-goldIt was a long day for me. After the office, I’m back to my home.

Like normal, I walk to the sofa and remove my prosthesis then walk without them to the bed. I need to wear different kinds of stockings to protect my delicate skin in the prosthesis.

I step off the bed and walk to get my skirt and return to the bed where I remove the stockings one by one and in doing so, give some nice loving touches to my stumps with a nice cream.

I enjoy the cream so I do it so slow, because it gives me a nice sensation, helps my circulation and gives to me soft skin and a good time full in pleasure to me.

Come close, I will show you how my stumps look, the scars because my surgeries there, each stump is so different. I love them!

I show you them so close, so slow, and so you will see exactly how they look. It is incredible that being so soft, I can use them for walk around.

16 minutes approx.

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