facing forward

buy-now-goldShe lost her leg to Cancer on Christmas day. She spent nearly 3 months in hospital fighting infections. Now Naomi is home and facing forward into a future still filled with fear, worry and loss. Naomi met Delicia in the halls of the hospital rehab ward. Delicia shared her life experience with her and a close friendship has begun.

FACING FORWARD was filmed the day Naomi came home to start anew. You’ll meet her home therapist who helps her navigate the stairs and walk with her crutches. Once upstairs in her room Naomi performs her stretching and toning on her bed before returning down the stairs to the living room.

Naomi is a brave young woman who is looking for the support of others to help her understand her new life and gain the money she’ll require to purchase her new prosthetic leg. Your purchases will make a substantial difference to her both emotionally and physically.

Slightly short of 30 minute long.3

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