my pretty short leg

buy-now-goldWake with Valentine and watch her hop to the bathroom. Once there she navigates the deep tub and steps in to wash her legs and manipulate her short leg to pleasure your dreams.

Then its a return visit to the bedroom where she dresses, putting on nylons and a pretty skirt and hops to the living room. She then navigates the stairs for you so you can watch how she hops up and down them and how her little foot swings, never touching the ground.

A return visit to the apartment and its time to put on some sexy spike heels and head back to the staircase. A close up shows the pretty contours of her foot in the shoe and the pretty pink sole peeking out of the shoe.

Now it time to return to the apartment and Valentine removes the stockings and manipulates her short leg, stretching it and playing with it like a toy to fill your fantasy with her pretty short leg.

approx 515 MB
approx 23 minutes

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