stump and demo tape

buy-now-goldJessica and I were together in the afternoon one day. I asked her to let me film her to see how she would feel being a Chairem WOMAN. So, I asked her to show me how she is skilled walking with only one leg, how she can walk with crutches and not holding on to them with her hands. And she said I could let the camera peek at her stump. You can see she is very confident of who she is so much so that she cuts the leg of her pants in such a way the when she walks, her stump can be seen by men who like to see where her leg once was. She does not like to have pants touch the bottom of the stump, so she leaves it exposed for everyone to enjoy. Her stump is tender and can bring her personal pleasure when it is touched in a soft and gentle way. This is Jessica’s introduction, I hope you will enjoy seeing such a beautiful woman. approx 20 min.

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