jessica at the hop

buy-now-goldJessica makes the bed, crutching from side to side before going to the closet to select some clothing and shoes.

She playfully tires on a flip flop that shoes off her pretty foot, but then its time to change into her formal evening gown that will display her beautiful stump for you.

Watch her as she slowly rolls a pair of fish net stocking over her foot, up her sensual thigh and then as she rolls the stocking into a tight ball and weaves it gracefully over her stump. Watch close as she smoothes the fishnet over the stump, caressing it and following its smooth contours.

3 of our regular Chairem Fans have written to say that Jessica has the most beautiful stump they have seen. Its shape is so round and smooth, the seam is smooth and perfect and she has a way to move it perfectly.

approx 22 min.

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