intimate shower

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Shhhh… Come in and close the door behind you. Its just you and I now behind the door as I slip into the shower.

Watch me turn the shower on with my foot, adjust the water to be warm for my body and let our fun begin. Hand me the soap and I’ll show you how I wash my arm digits, and all of my body. There is nothing between us except the glass that keeps you dry.

I’ll step out of the shower and dry myself off for you. Then I’ll brush my teeth before we leave to the bedroom. My white shirt so wet sticks to my body and you can see my form and it will please you.

Its time for me to turn to the bedroom to put on my dress before I leave, come with me if you like, I don’t mind if you watch me. It is everyday that I dress like this and I’m glad you find my motions so appealing.

approx 23 min.

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