good morning beautiful princess

buy-now-goldThis will quickly become your favorite amputee movie of all time.

We find beautiful Rechelle asleep under a light sheet. Slowly as she wakes from her slumber, her stumps move and flex under the sheet in a tempting close up.

Soon she throws back the sheet to display what remains of her beautiful legs and she lowers herself to the floor and walks in her lingerie.

A quick change into her bathing suit and Rechelle walks on her stumps to the bedroom to put on a pair of cute jean cut offs before pulling herself into her wheelchair.

Once outside, Rechelle lowers herself to the foot of the stairs and hobbles up the fight of stairs to the outdoors.

Poolside, Rechelle shares intimate close-ups with you of her remaining legs, the contours left by the amputation, so close you can almost touch them.

Finally, its time to walk for you again before crawling into her wheelchair and wheeling to the staircase where she again lifts herself stair by stair to the top and returns to her wheelchair.

I’m sure once you view the entire movie, you’ll agree that Rechelle is the most beautiful amputee you have ever encountered.

approx 23 min.

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