the world of a short leg woman

buy-now-goldHow many times have you passed her on the street. Her short leg hangs freely and catches your eye and heart. Your pulse begins to race as you watch her walk with her crutches and you wonder to yourself about the foot hanging in her little shoe.

You wonder to yourself, can she move that leg, can she move the foot and what would it be like to kneel before her and hold the ankle and slowly slip the shoe from her foot hanging at the end of that so unique, so rare short little leg. What would be inside that shoe? Would it be a foot deformed like the leg our a pretty and soft foot waiting for your touch.

As you watch her cross the street you ask yourself, how does she walk up stairs, can she walk on the short leg or is it completely useless, does she paint the toenails on that little foot or pretend it is not there. You wonder if you were to tell her you think she is a beautiful woman and so very perfect, would she wear a dress to show off that little leg for you or is she ashamed of how it is, so short, hanging and so valueless for walking and wrap it and keep it hidden.

Valentine is about to take you into her world to answer your questions and thrill your heart as she shares the mysteries of a woman with a short leg.

approx. 23 min

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