taste of exotica

buy-now-goldExotica knows how to move, to smile and use her eyes to weave a romantic taste of Exotica. A slight twitch of her stumps can even seem attractive and powerfully beautiful.

Take a walk to her apartment, come inside for a cool glass of water, watch her collect her things with her feet as nimble as hands and walk with her to the work out gym.

After using some equipment, Exotica wipes her face shoulders and chest with a towel in a fashion that’s explosive.

Now come with her back to the apartment for a quick change into a summer dress on the sofa. Watch how incredibly masterful she is at applying make up and combing her long beautiful hair. Her round and armless shoulders will call to your making you desire the opportunity to kiss the nape of her neck and slowly roll your hands down her shoulders and over the dimples that would have been her arms.

24 minutes
535 mb

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