spring in my step


buy-now-goldLets go outside in the shade. Its a hot day here and i want to do my exercises outside.

I’ll take a walk in the grass and lay down a blanket we can sit on. Let me release my prosthetic leg. did you see how I hold the steel leg in my hand while I sit down on the ground?

Now with the leg off, I’ll stand and hop to the wall where I can hand on while I lift and stretch the stump that was once my right leg. then its time to return to the blanket. I’ll hop over any day down. Now more strengthening of the stump muscles. It is very important I keep my stump strong.

Now I’ll strap my prosthetic leg back to my hip and we’ll walk to the play ground area. There I will show you the unique mechanical parts of the knee that give me a spring in my step.

Approx 24 minutes
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