Walking paraplegic Joanne

buy-now-goldMeet Joanne. A member of her schools track team, returning from a track and field event, standing quietly at the street corner waiting for a ride on a bright and warm day. Suddenly she’s caught in the cross fire of a street gang war.

When she woke up, she was in a hospital bed, unable to move or feel anything below her waist. Now 4 years later, herl eft leg is nearly completely paralyzed with no feeling from mid thigh to her foot. Her right leg once strong, now must carry her weight and she’ll show you using a tooth pick where she can feel and where she cant.

Joanna’s dream is to one day own a light wheelchair to participate in sports again and to one day walk with a brace so that she can feel, in her words pretty again.

approx 31 min.

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