walking on sunshine

buy-now-goldI am learning what devotee men enjoy seeing. I have some special things for you in my new movie.

First, I need to hop to the closet for the proper foot wear. then its time to try walking on crutches in my shoe. Did I catch you looking at my stump while I walk? That’s okay, don’t be shy, it is a pretty stump so please, come enjoy.

Oh, I need my nylons, Come with me, I’ll hop over to get them and come back and put them on slowly for you. Do you like how the nylon hangs off my stump with no leg to fill it? When I walk, it swings empty from where my leg once was. It needs to be filled with something.

I think its time to change into my black skirt and sexy black nylons and high heel shoe and crutch for you. Together we can put the nylon on the prosthetic leg and you can stay as I slide my round and soft stump into it. It almost looks real, you will see as i carefully slide the leg over my body and together we walk.

over 28 minutes

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