Steamy polio sensation

buy-now-goldWho knew a single crutch polio woman could know how to be so sensational!

From bed to the shower, Mercedes slithers across the floor and lifts herself into the shower. Once she’s lathered her legs and rinsed off she again lowers herself to the floor and pulls herself to the bedroom to change and collect her crutch.

In a single high heel, with her polio effected leg hanging and foot dangling, Mercedes crutches freely into the living room. Now turn on the music Mercedes and make magic to the music! Swing and sway and show your effected foot slapping the floor with each step to the Latin music.

In a final gesture of pleasure, Mercedes drops the crutch and lowers herself again to the floor to pull herself around in her pretty short skirt showing off those beautiful legs before regaining the crutch and walking away. Truly sensational Mercedes, truly sensational!

approx 23 min

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