Hop on sweety

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Sabrina flirts with you in the grass by moving around and playing with her stump. She knows if she can catch your attention by moving it , swinging and touching it so wonderfully you be captured by her charm. Then its time to stand and hop into the building to find her prosthetic.

You’ll catch up with Sabrina at the bottom of the stairs where together you and her alone can discover her abilities on the stairs. She’ll start with the prosthetic and crutches, then leave the crutches on the floor and do the stairs again without them. Finally she’ll do it for you without her prosthetic, just hopping and letting her stump swing and sway as it pleases.

And wait until you watch her play at the bottom of the stairs, looping her stump into the hand railing to rest as the camera comes so very close to view the contours where her leg once was.

approx 25 min.

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