Romancing the polio princess

buy-now-goldMy polio legs do not walk fast. Each step is careful and slow. At times my right foot catches the floor with my steps and I risk falling, but that is teh body I have and i have learned to love my body and condition for who I am.

Let me walk to the living room to join you, watch my feet as I walk. Let me lower myself to the floor and take off my shoes and socks. then I will show you how I pick up my legs with my hands and how I can hold my polio leg in my arm like a baby. Close your eyes for a moment and we will go to the bedroom where you will find me waiting for you.

Now I’ll display my skills in the bedroom, how my leg is uncontrolled as i move on the bed. Watch as it flops around as I roll over for you. Let me use my hands to touch my legs and polio foot and slowly raise my foot to my face to touch my cheek with my useless toes. I wish I have a dear friend who would so tenderness to my leg and foot in the fashion I show you.

approx 16 minutes

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