peaceful afternoon

buy-now-goldIt’s a quite day today. In part i am reflective of days before I lost my leg, remembering being free and active, running and dancing. It’s just a passing feeling, being with the cameraman and knowing you are with me, makes me feel better about myself and raises my spirits.

Walking through the apartment I go to the living room. It would be a nice chance to take you to the staircase with me but first I should put on nylons so come to the bedroom. Watch as I roll my stocking up my stump, touching it softy and feeling its curves.

Lets go out to the staircase. Watch me from below, how my stump is so shapely under my skirt and I’ll turn for you and come back down. Lets sit for a moment on the stairs so i can let you close to see the wonders of my unique body shape before we return to the apartment on this peaceful afternoon.

approx 15 min.

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