Chairem’s First Pin Up Girl

buy-now-goldCindi-Lu has a totally different look, a different style and loves to treat you with her paralysis and she knows just exactly what to say to rock your world.

When Cindi-Lu applied to be a Chairem Woman, we said, send us a sample of what make you exciting and lets let our Fans decide. Cindi-Lu is a little shy and uncertain what Chairem Fans want to see but give her time, in her first professional video you’ll see a paraplegic that knocks it out of the park.

Cindi-Lu’s introduction was shot on an Iphone and the sound isnt up to standards but you’ll her her tell you first hand about her sexy paralyzed legs and the spams that move them and her sexy little feet without control. No feeling, no controlled movement and the looks of a very curvaceous 1950’s Pin up delight… what’s more to love?

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