Lets get physical

buy-now-goldYour formal introduction to May is a physical one.

May leaves the apartment and goes to the gym so you can watch her transfer onto the work out equipment. You’ll get a good idea of this pretty young woman’s abilities and her disabilities too. Then it’s off to the pool to cool.

May removes her socks and shoes to reveal her pretty feet and then gracefully transfers down from her wheelchair onto the retaining wall beside to pool to hang her feet in the cool water.

From there May lifts herself over the the staircase and down to a lower pool where she cools her legs. Then, one by one, she lifts herself up teh staircase back to her wheelchair to transfer back into it before she leaves us.

If you’re a fan of pretty feet that swing freely and uncontrolled, you’ll enjoy meeting May for the first time!

10 minutes long.

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