Maralynne: A Hidden Deformity

buy-now-goldIf you were to see Maralynne walking towards you wearing a skirt, you would instantly think she’s a left below knee amputee.

As the crutch takes the place of her leg with every step, Maralynne hides a secret deformity, a withered left leg, bent at the knee that’s wrapped behind her.

Maralynne can move the toes on the deformed leg and move at the thigh, but the knee is fixed in this position and cant move. While your first reaction may be to ask why she doesn’t have it amputated, her response would be, she was created this way for a reason and she will not alter the deformity she was given.

Maralynne takes proper care of the leg and in this video, she wears multiple outfits to display the deformed leg rather than try to hide it as she normally does.

Hopping, stairs, foot manipulation and other wonders await you as Maralynne shares her Hidden Deformity

Approx 23 minutes
Over a GB

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