Lingerie on wheels

buy-now-goldTrue delight! ATHENA will turn you to stone as she lets you stay and watch her put on nylons

and a short skirt. From her bedroom you are treated to watch an amazing challenge. Athena trials a new 2 door that’s she’s never made a transfer into.

Watch her struggle to load her chair with her feet hanging outside the car door and better yet, your hearts going to top when you see her shoe slip off exposing her very unique feet. Then its time to return inside.

In an amazing compassionate moment, Athena attempts to coach her legs and feet to move. She talks so softly to them and watches for the slightest signs of motion. Come look close and see for yourself what little use she has. If your heart isn’t racing yet, then its time to follow her to the bedroom to see her lingerie and watch her transfer to the bed and play with and cream her delicate legs and feet.

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