Joanna’s leg paralysis poolside

buy-now-goldIt is a very nice day and wearing my shorts, I decide to go to the swimming pool area.

I think it is a perfect day for to swim so I return to the apartment to change my clothes, using my swim suit and walking in front of you, in my unique style letting you watch my foot swing with no control.

At the pool I sit and lift my leg into the water and practice moving it. I show you how I can not control my leg and how my foot hangs without movement or feeling.

There is a lot of crutch walking, that I am sure, will get your interest and I must go up and down stairs, which is difficult for me.

I know you are there and during this 26 minutes you will follow every single step I walk with you, come and see.

*This video will be a keepsake for those who love watching young ladies walking on crutches.

approx 26 min.

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