hop along ruby

buy-now-goldRuby feels so much more confidence in her second movie because of the support you’ve shown her. She feels assured that her amputation is not something she needs to hide and today she want to bring you closer.

Ruby takes you outside while she wears short pants to expose her prosthetic, something she has never done in real life, this is so new for her.

She plays in the grass showing how she moves the prosthetic leg and then its time to go inside to share more intimate things with you.

Once inside, you’ll discover Ruby laying on the bed waiting for you. She has removed her prosthetic and is ready for you to see what remains of a once long and pretty leg.

Her stump is round and smooth and almost perfect. To keep it soft and smooth she places cream on it and massages the stump before you. Watch closely as her hands roll over the folds of the skin so softly.

Then Ruby puts on a shoe and hops around the room to get a class of water. She tries a different shoe and hops to another room. If you were to live with Ruby, would you ask he to always hop in this fashion? Would you enjoy seeing her stump wiggle with every hop? She would be happy to please you because now she feels confidence in who she is and how to please her new Devotee friends.

approx 20 minutes

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