Personal favorite

buy-now-goldGlenda’s personal favorite thing to do when she’s alone is to be free of her legbrace. The only thing is its very difficult to walk without it.

Join Glenda as she returns to the apartment after a long walk. She takes on the task of walking up a long flight of stairs without the aid of a handrail which make the stairs a real challenge for her. Midway she stops on the stairs for a short break before continuing on.

Once reaching the apartment it’s time for the two of you to remove her brace and slowly lower the nylons down her legs and off her feet. She pays special attention to the floppy foot of her weak leg before walking to the closet to retrieve the shoes she’ll wear later in the day.

Holding her thigh, Glenda walks to the living room to sit on the sofa and prepare to put her brace back on. She leaves the sofa to return to the bed to collect her nylons and the brace that will soon be wrapped so strongly around her polio weakened leg.

30 minutes alone with Glenda.

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