the pacemaker

buy-now-goldGeri take on a challenge that is difficult for her and will please you in return. It is normal for her to walk slowly by swinging both legs at one time with each step she takes.

Today she will take you outside where she tries to walk much faster than she does in real and you will see that it is difficult for her to take such big steps when she walks.

Then it is time for her to go inside to the gym where she tries to use the bike. She must lift her leg over the seat and place each foot by hand so she can use the pedals.

Then we ask her to lower herself to the floor to sit on the ground. We have asked her to show us her pretty feet with pictures painted on her toes and she removes her shoes, the socks and finally the braces to display her pretty feet to you. And completes some leg exercise and then uses and chair sitting close to help her lift herself off the floor and onto the seat where she replaces her braces, socks and shoes.

approx 25 min.

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