Emma meets Brenda and Sarah

buy-now-goldIt’s very true that Chairem Women support each other. When Sarah heard about Emma and her unique needs

she contacted Chairem to see if we can help by bringing her to our Chairem Family.

Emma was born with multiple birth defects including a rare nasal larynx deformity that makes her speech unique, extreme ridged scoliosis in her back and hips and her knees are frozen leaving her unable to stand or walk. Emma has limited movement in her hips and ridged ankles.

Emma wears a unique cushion under her dress that allows her to drop to the floor and hop on her bottom anywhere she needs to go which cant be accessed by a wheelchair. Inside her special made shoes where you may expect to find deformed feet are pretty little feet that she is more than pleased to share with you.

You’ll enjoy seeing Sarah and Brenda again, 2 of our polio ladies always ready to share time with other disabled ladies. Spend some time with Emma and her friends when they join Sarah and Brenda at the park and get to know Emma, a lady who really needs our support.

approx. 21 min
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