the garden cripple

buy-now-goldIt’s delightful watching the uncontrolled gate of a young woman with CP and when they leave their cane behind, they struggle so hard to keep from falling that their struggling gate is magnified wonderfully.
Watch Diane as she leaves the flat safety of cement and works in the garden. She leaves her cane by a tree and struggles to rake the leaves in the autumn sun.

Watch as she swings her hips so hard to pull her legs into place with every step. How her arms flail in the air to help pull her body from step to step dragging each foot in eh grass. Her passage in grass and cement is delightful and passionate at the same time. You’ll watch and wish you could hold her hips in your hands with every struggling step she takes in an exotic dance with the garden cripple.

You will love her walking, her fluid steps and struggling motions.

approx 23 minutes

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