Pin up car problems

buy-now-goldCindi Lu wonders down the sidewalk to her car with you in tow. She’s ready to learn all about the incredible fascination with paralysis and useless legs that Admirers enjoy so much and its your opportunity to let her know what it is is.
Cindi Lu comes to her car and lifts herself in behind the wheel in a sexy pair of sporty long thigh high boots before pulling in her wheelchair. Thats when she remembers where her keys are… in the back window. I think her Devotee cameraman boyfriend has played a little trick on her and we get to enjoy the benefits.
With her boots slipped off Cindi Lu tickles her foot so you can see her toes go into spasm before struggling to retried her keys. Then she makes her way back into the seat before unloading her wheelchair again. A transfer back into her chair and Cindi Lu rolls around for you with her legs crossed. The way her paralyzed leg swings and that wonderful foot flops around you’ll be enjoying this video over and over again.

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