Cindi Lu, just for you

buy-now-goldMy oh my how Cindi Lu knows how to turn up the heat. Starting in her Hot red boots, Cindi Lu transfers onto the bed where the action all begins. Fighting against the spasms in her legs she pulls herself onto the bed where she looses the boots and performs incredible paraplegic gymnastics on the bed to delight. She rolls over and pulls herself on the bed, then manages to struggle to lift herself up onto her knees only to raise up and show off that incredible bust line. Then she slips off those black nylons and gets acquainted with her legs and brings her paralyzed foot up for some intimate oral attention.

Then its down to the floor where she drags herself about the room and then to the sofa where she struggles to get herself off the floor before total exhaustion. We cant leave her sitting there now can we? Its back to the floor to pull herself over to the stairs to see if she can master getting up them before returning to her chair. After finding her way back onto the bed, Cindi Lu invites her cameraman to come over and manipulate her legs for her to ease the spasms and reward him for a job well done. *(Watch for an extra mini clip after the movie, just a little treat from Cindi Lu).

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