Athena’s encounter with a wheelchair cripple devotee

buy-now-goldA stranger passes Athena’s car and notices the hand controls. With his video camera

in hand he waits with expectation to see who owns the car. Suddenly Athena appears wheeling towards the car, this is his time to film her transferring, but how?

Athena talks to the stranger who has approached her to talk about the lift on her car. She opens up to him and welcomes him to film how she transfers and uses the lift to stow her wheelchair for her. Once sitting in the car she discovers that he’s too interested in her disability and she takes control of the situation.

Athena knows that he has many questions about her disability and why she is crippled. Athena uses powerful words to explain her useless legs, her paralyzed feet and she is more than happy to show him how she does things in her car. Athena shows him how she reaches into the back, drags herself across the seat, pulls her legs up onto the seat and when her shoe falls off, she makes him struggle to put it back on for her.

She becomes so comfortable with the stranger she asks him about his feelings about her feet and invites him to touch them. Athena knows how to master this wondering stranger and his devotee desires.

approx 27 minutes.

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