Athena’s emergency medical fund

buy-now-goldAthena has been struggling health issues and in hospital since Christmas 2013. In that time her medical costs

have become overwhelming. She needs our help.
Athena has been wanting to make a new movie since November. As you know, she is a paraplegic who after nearly 35 years in a wheelchair had to have her legs amputated because of continued circulatory issues in her legs and feet. Is is now a double amputee.

Athena is not one to ask for hand outs or charity but Delicia and I believe in our Chairem Family and that you will support her in any way you can.

This special video was filmed in the hospital on May 15th and I believe you will see there is a tender respect and admiration between the cameraman and Athena who does anything possible to make her feel as attractive as imaginable. We truly hope you will enjoy and support Athena in this time.

We are asking for your generosity in purchasing this video for $56.00 to help support Athena both financially and emotionally at this time in her life.
APPROX 12 Minutes long

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